Amanda & Tom

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We wanted to sincerely thank you for the incredible memories you captured for us on our wedding day. The video was actually an afterthought that my husband insisted on, and I am so glad I finally listened! So many things happened at the wedding that we never would have seen without the video- knowing glances from my parents, grandparents’ tears, and sighs of relief! Looking back on the day, we have a hard time putting it all together, but the DVD you created makes it just as beautiful as we thought it was.

We couldn’t believe how inconspicuous you were. I had the wrong idea that you would be just another camera getting in my and the guests way. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I don’t think I really noticed you- except in that one shot when I was dancing with my friends and commented, “Oh God, I think they just got us on tape!”

On that fairy tale day of which every girl dreams, it is hard to believe that it really does only last a few hours and then it is over. Unless of course you have a DVD that is entertaining enough to watch more than once. We are more than happy to play the short version for our dinner guests. Everybody loves the arial view of the limos in black and white. It really makes us look elegant and timeless.

We have already recommended you to two of our friends getting married, and would be happy to encourage any hesitant couples to hire you as we could not be happier. Regardless of how many pictures you take, you always forget a few- the video gets them all. Thanks again.