Courtney & Scott

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I am completely thrilled with the video. I can’t even believe it is us- it seems like a true movie. It completely exceeded any expectation that I had about it. I watch the wedding video all the time (is that normal!!) and love it more and more every time. Thanks again for everything.

Tracy & Ryan

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Just wanted to let you know that Ryan and I are both thrilled with both the style and quality of our wedding videos! In the movie version, you captured all the right moments, and blended both music and words together in a perfect way. We love how you incorporated of all the parts of our day– the movie really has a sense of how things actually happened. The full-length ceremony and longer-reception are also a wonderful reminder of our big day. Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding! We thoroughly enjoyed working with you. All the best.

Michelle & Jouber

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I was waiting for it in the mail on Saturday and missed it because since it was a package, they left it at my front door and we always go out through the garage. I had checked the mail and nothing (so I thought). We left for most of the day so I didn’t see the package till late that night. We had guests and wanted to see it first alone so we didn’t get to watch it till after they left.


I can’t thank you or say it enough! We are so thrilled with our video! Thank you so very much for EVERYTHING!!! WE LOVE YOU! We watched them both twice on Saturday night, rather Sunday morning. We didn’t go to sleep until 5 in the morning. We invited our parents over yesterday and watched it a few more times!! We are so very happy!

Again, thank you! Best wishes on your future endeavors. Please feel free to keep in touch! It was such a pleasure meeting and working with you. God bless always!