June & Matt

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We received the videos first thing this morning. It was before 9am but I dragged Matt out of bed to watch it because there was no way I could wait. The popcorn and the tickets were a nice touch! We popped the disc in the player and got comfy in front of the tv. We had huge smiles on our faces the entire time, and of course, were busy at times wiping our tears and sobbing.

The video was amazing. You did an awesome job and we are SO glad that we hired you. You were the only videographer we ever really considered and you exceeded our expectations. Thank you very much for your hard work and for providing us with such a beautiful record of that wonderful day.

Amy & Jeff

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We just received the final copy of our wedding video and we are so happy with the results. Finding your name on The Knot web site was truly a blessing. Artistry Wedding Films has successfully captured our wedding day into a 40 minute masterpiece that we will cherish forever. It has made us laugh, and cry, every time we watch it. We have shown so many of our family members, and they are all so impressed with the video.

The way you shot the video makes it look like you and your camera were right in the center of everything, yet we don’t even remember seeing you there! The way you manage to get the timeless shots of us, and yet remain so unobtrusive, is one of the many reasons that we are going to recommend you to all our friends and family. We can’t thank you enough!

Marisa & Kevin

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I am writing because you have just left us speechless. The more of our friends & family we show our wedding video, the more we fall in love with it & each other!–all over again. It took my Mom 2 days to get through “The Movie” because she was just so awestruck, she had to keep rewinding it from the beginning.

You captured our day in such a magical way that we can’t fathom that the day itself was actually that lovely. You truly have a talent that is rare & beautiful – I can’t imagine how it must be to see the world through your eyes. Honestly, up until the moment we saw it, I was worried that the video would be a letdown- that I would only see the flaws, the under eye circles, the details that just got overlooked, but I was so wrong. In reality, the video helped us see all the beautiful details we would have totally missed – the way the waves crashed against the beach, the blue of the sky…we are just amazed.

Ayleen & Doug

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Let me begin by telling you that when I was looking into videographers and saw a clip of Nicole Valdez’s beautiful wedding on your webpage, you were the vendor I was the most excited about meeting! I had no second thoughts about booking you immediately although I had not met with any other videographers. I was ecstatic that you were willing to do our wedding from the start because I knew you would capture it better than anyone could.

Today, when we watched our “movie” for the first time, I can’t tell you the feelings that rushed through me. We laughed hysterically at the best man speech among other parts. I cried…because I feel so fortunate to have had such a beautiful wedding and to have such a marvelous husband….but also because I can’t explain to you how elated I am that you captured everything so perfectly so that we could relive it. It could not have turned out more perfectly. There were so many details that really touched us, which but for your unrelenting attention to detail and amazing artistic ability, we would have missed. We loved my little cousin playing with the public phone at the hotel…and my bridesmaid Michelle all decked out in her dress, jewelry, makeup, but wearing flip flops, the way the moon looked on our wedding day, and of course, most importantly, the expression on Doug’s face when I was walking down the aisle that I would have never seen and will never forget because of you. I could go on and on about all the things that we loved about our video, but there’s no words and there’s not enough space on this page.

Alan, you and your partner are simply extraordinary, and your work is heart-stirring, breathtaking, and just awesome. Your love for the work you do really shows in every single video I have previewed, and in my own. I am so glad I have recommended you as much as I have. Without a doubt, I will continue to do so for years to come. I knew our video was going to turn out marvelously, but could not have imagined it would be this amazing. All we can say is thank you. We more than appreciate your time and effort.