Jenifer & Erik


We LOVE it!  It is beautifully put together. We love the songs, the seamless editing, and we really enjoy being able to see parts of that day that we had never seen before.  It is something we will always cherish. Thank you for your hard work.  We could not have asked for anything more.

Meli & Augi


The video is a-ma-zing. It managed to capture the exact emotions I felt that day, but had forgotten. It was great to see all the special people in our lives and their reactions to our day. Little things like guests laughing at what we had written in our programs about the bridal party, parents crying during the ceremony and people really getting down and dirty on the dance floor. It was just such a special day and I realized that it really was the happiest day of my life so far.

Abegail & Rafael

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our 4 month anniversary than to watch our wedding video. I was absolutely in tears reliving the day. I can’t even begin to tell you how it brought back many wonderful memories.  There were soo many little things that I’d forgotten about or hadn’t seen and you bought it all to life – from the look on Rafael’s face when I walked out to the guest reactions during Marie’s toast.  This is a day I will always treasure and thanks to my pictures and the video I will relive forever.  Thank you soo much for capturing the emotions of one of the most important days of our lives.  We are definitely planning a video watching party and have our family and friends over to watch the video.

Ali & Jeff


Jeff and I watched the movie portion of the video tonight and we loved it!!  You did a wonderful job with the video, and it was the perfect length.  It brought back so many memories and feelings from that day and night, and even made us laugh a few times.  You included so many of the important parts of the day, and you did it in such a beautiful and meaningful way.  Also, you captured so many of the emotions of the night, and expressions on people’s faces, which is exactly what I wanted.  It was so nice to watch it with the music…it did feel like a movie.  Thank you so much for the memories of our wedding day.  We will always be able to relive that day, which makes us so happy.

Maria & Jose


THANK YOU!  As you promised, we received the wedding video on Saturday and we were THRILLED!!
We wish to express our gratitude for your beautiful work which has allowed us to “re-live” our special day.  It was amazing to us that you were able to capture every one of our guests and the special moments of that day; including those which we had overlooked and/or had not noticed. 
We remembered that it was a breezy and very pleasant October day, however, we were reminded of the feeling again when we saw the trees and leaves swaying;
We remembered the ceremony, however, were reminded of the little details we had forgotten;
We remembered how much happiness and love was shared, AND we felt it again;
We remembered all the fun and the moments which touched our hearts and YOU CAPTURED EACH AND EVERY ONE!
We consider ourselves a very blessed couple and this memory of our Wedding Day shall be treasured forever, thanks to you.

Jacque & Damian


I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with our video!!!  You have managed to capture every feeling we had that day and put it on a video for us to share with our children and grandchildren some day…..which is priceless for us!  To watch our wedding video over and over again will allow us to re-live one of the most perfect days we’ve shared together forever.  I have not one complaint about working with you the past year and a half, from our first meeting to asking for extra video copies 9 months after the wedding. Your service is impeccable and you truly have a gift for what you do!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our video more than we could have ever dreamed it would be!

Yelena & Alex


We are calling to let you know we got the videos and saw the Movie and it was absolutely fantastic…it was so wonderful…we couldn’t imagine it was going to be so beautiful. Yelena and I are extremely, extremely happy and in awe of the work that you did.  Thank you again.

Emma & David


We received the DVDs and we absolutely love the end result. The footage is really amazing and gives us fantastic memories of our day. Thank you very much for all your hard work, the end result really exceeds all our expectations, so a huge thank you from both of us!

Susana & Jose


Jose came into town earlier than expected and we spent all day Saturday watching the videos and showing them off.  What can I say you haven’t already been told? You have given us something so uniquely special, emotional and vivid!  You will never know how grateful we are and for that, well what can I say?  We love you!!! Thank you!

Lorna & Philip


We received our AMAZING wedding video!  We love it!  Since I was so certain to hire you, you simply reconfirmed my opinion & I will definitely be passing the great word onto others! Thank you for doing an amazing job!