Lorna & Philip


We received our AMAZING wedding video!  We love it!  Since I was so certain to hire you, you simply reconfirmed my opinion & I will definitely be passing the great word onto others! Thank you for doing an amazing job!

Pamela & Paco


Paco and I got the video on Saturday and spent most of that night watching it– you are truly a master!  What makes (or breaks!) a video is the editing, and your skills rival those found in film & TV.  You caught all the special, fun, hidden moments and wove them into an interesting and compelling story.  We got to experience our wedding in a way that we weren’t able to that day; I think the most wonderful thing for me was to hear what Paco was saying as I walked down the aisle, and we both loved seeing the cocktail party that we didn’t get to attend (it looked like fun!).  Thank you for your wonderful work; we will treasure it always.

Meghan & James


James and I received the videos and they are amazing. James was sceptical about getting a video and now he is your biggest fan. He tells our friends on the phone, you’ve got to see our wedding video…we star in our own movie. The music is amazing, the shots are great. I got to see a whole side of the wedding that I missed. Your work is amazing. Honestly, I’ve watched my share of wedding videos and I can say hands down that your work is the best. That’s New York and Florida!!! Thank you so much for creating such a special memory for James and I!!!!