Jolie & Gabe

We got the video and watched the movie this morning.  It’s awesome!  Thanks!!

Natasha & Miguel

Just wanted to let you know that Miguel and I loved our Super 8 wedding and honeymoon videos – both turned out better than we hoped and we really liked your musical selections.  Love the presentation too!  Thanks for providing us with such an amazing memory of our special day.

Rebecca & Todd


We have watched all the videos. We enjoyed them so very much. You did a great job! Can’t thank you enough.

Lynda & William

We received package and watched and LOVEEEEE all of it!!  Everything looks great!!!  From how everything is organized on the DVD’s to the music, etc, it is perfect!   I love the way you utilized our pics as backdrops, etc.  I mean it looks fantastic.  We are soo thankful and just commented how happy we are that we went with Artistry. Your work is amazing!!

Jennie & Frankie

I can’t thank you enough!! I am so glad I found you because I had already opted out of having a video of our wedding. Frankie and I loved every minute of the movie you made for us! We cried and laughed and relived every moment all over again! I loved the songs you chose they really went perfect with the ones we chose!! You sure do know your stuff!!! Thanks sooo much for capturing the most important moment in our lives!

Lourdes & Charles

The video came out beautiful!!!  I absolutely LOVE it!!!  You did a superb job!

Christina & Eddie

I received the DVD’s yesterday and I watched it last night! I loved it!!!!!! All the songs that you picked are perfect! You did an amazing job. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica & Javier

The video came out beautifully.  Thank you again so much.  My parents have yet to watch it but I am sure that they too will love it. 

Nicole & Jeremy

Got it… It’s incredible!  Thank-you so much.  You did an amazing job.

Vivian & Chi


We absolutely LOVED the video! It brought us back to that very special day, and we feel like we are reliving that entire day over again! Between the day that i received the video (Monday) to today, I think I watched probably 20 times, every time we watch it, we discover something different, whether is people’s reaction or the details of the wedding….thank you so much! You are incredibly talented and we really enjoyed your work!!!