Andrea & Jonathan

Thank you for the Trailer!!! I cannot see it through my tears!

Jennifer & Dustin

Oh my gosh it’s amazing! Thank you!!! I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve watched it 3 times already and that’s just the beginning haha. Dustin and I are so happy!

Amanda & Edward

The trailer is beautiful! It’s perfect. Thank you so very much πŸ˜‰

Lauren & Justin

This is AMAZING!!! Thank you so so so much, we absolutely love it!! The whole family is freaking out over this video, my mom cries every time she watches it haha. It’s such a wonderful reflection of such a wonderful day πŸ™‚ Thank you again!!

Christine & Christopher

I love the video!! I had to watch it without Chris b/c he is on call tonight and I couldn’t wait (that’s not bad luck is it??) I love all the music in the Movie too..thanks so much for giving us such a great way to remember our special day!!

Jenny & Peter

Thank you so much! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Everyone who I have shared it with has commented on what a great job you did!!!!!!!!!

Jodie & Alexander

We have watched the video and several more times with family, and they have all shared it is by far the most beautifully created video that they have ever experienced. We want to thank you once again for going over and above to make this video so incredibly memorable for us. It will be watched and loved for years and years. Thank you once again for your amazing gift and talent in capturing our wedding day and giving us the ability to remember it in such a special way.

Diana & Jonathan

Just watched the video with my family, and we are speechless!!!!! We absolutely love every second of it !!! Thank you so very much for capturing our wedding soooo beautifully !!!!! I knew the minute I watched the trailer, our video was going absolutely gorgeous, and it sure is.. You exceeded our expectations by far! We’re eternally grateful.

Elaine & Jake

The Trailer is awesome!!!!!!!!

Gianna & Patrick

This is AWESOME. Can’t wait for the long version to sit back and relive the moment.